The importance of comfortably set up instruments – Part 1

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The importance of comfortably set up instruments…

Part 1 – Introduction

Some thoughts on the importance of having your instrument correctly set up and some information on the skilful man that is Kim Webber.

As a serious player you will know just how important a comfortably set up guitar is to great performance.

 Kim has been working on my instruments since 2006 and it is safe to say he is the only person I can rely on to treat my guitars with the respect they deserve along with crafting the perfect setup for my style of playing.

From telecasters and electro-acoustics to 7 and 8 string guitars, Floyd Rose to fixed bridge, light and heavy gauge strings, all manner of dropped tunings and a variety of pickup installations, Kim is always able to find a solution to my problems, without fail!

Before this month’s session at Longwave Studios in Cardiff for the upcoming Nya EP, I once again had Kim set up my two Musicman Axis Super Sport guitars and as a result we ended up using these for the majority of tracking.

Increased sustain, clarity and enhanced tone along with greater tuning stability created a far smoother playability in performance that made for some fantastic sounds. This will most definitely speak for itself on record!

I absolutely cannot wait for you all to hear the finished product but for now you can checkout the EP Sampler and leave a comment with your thoughts below.

Until next time, thanks for reading!

Dan -:)

Kim Webber Guitars

Longwave Studios



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