Here is a selection of testimonials from Dan’s guitar tuition clients that testify to the quality of his work. Please use the arrows below to scroll through each comment.

Guitar Tuition Testimonials

I have had guitar lessons for roughly the past 6 months with Dan, in that time I feel that my playing has improved tremendously. I have been playing guitar for over 4 years now and I feel that I have learned more in the past six months with Dan than I did in the two years previously with other tutors. The lessons are always interesting and engaging with a focus on the topics that I enjoy as well as those I need to improve on. This has recently included picking technique, vibrato, string bends, rhythm, improvisation, scales and sight reading to support my preparation for the 'Rock School' Grade 5 Exam. I always leave the lesson learning something new and Dan is an excellent teacher that cares about the progress you make. Lochlan King
Lochlan King
Dan is an extremely friendly teacher and knowledgeable guitar player. He is very patient whilst teaching, so I can learn a song at my own pace. We choose songs that will be both challenging and enjoyable for me to learn and I learn the techniques and scales relevant to the song, giving a balance between theory and playing. I have learned a lot in the relatively short time that I have been having lessons with Dan.
Madeleine, 13
Last year I applied to study a Guitar Performance course at the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM). Unfortunately, I didn't get in. After a bit of consideration, I got hold of Dan and had lessons with him each week with the aim of getting in to study at ACM the following year. Dans knowledge and skill, mixed with his infectious bubbly attitude really helped me to move forward with practical use of music theory, ear training, scales/modes and general playing ability. This led to a successful audition for the coming academic year at ACM. Dan will listen to you and help you get exactly where you wish to be. He'll cater each of the lessons personally, and really maximize what you can get out of each session by teaming theory with songs to help reinforce what you're learning. Dan is very patient, and is happy to try different approaches for you to learn anything that you may be struggling with and he'll remain encouraging no matter how long you've been trying. Dan's also very generous with his experiences, allowing you to learn little tricks and tips that he's found from performing live or recording in a studio. So a year down the line, and I'm now preparing what I need to go and study at ACM. Without Dan's help, I very much doubt that I'd of gotten in this time round. I'd recommend Dan to anyone wanting to learn guitar. 10/10!
Haydn Stevens
Dan helped my son to achieve full marks in his GCSE Music performance of the Dream Theater track 'Overture 1928'. A big thank you Dan!
Jan James (Parent of Gareth)
Dan has taught my 13 year old son guitar for nearly 4 years and has been an inspiration to him. He is patient, experienced, friendly, talented, clearly loves playing guitar and teaches my son in a way that keeps him interested and wanting to learn more. The fact that Dan plays in a band and is passionate about music inspires my son to want to be like him and have a career in music too. Dan is adaptable and flexible and when football threatened to completely take over my son’s life for a while, Dan’s patience and enthusiasm kept him involved with his guitar and music and he is now involved in a band of his own, no little thanks to Dan’s encouragement. Dan is always happy to give advice and is generous with his knowledge and support. He has written references for my son and helped him with audition pieces and concert pieces. My son feels valued and greatly enjoys his lessons. When we met Dan, my son was just beginning to lose interest in playing his guitar as he wasn’t really inspired by his teacher at the time. Dan filled him with enthusiasm and listened to the kind of musician my son wants to be, and taught him accordingly. It is so important to have the right music teacher and to us Dan is the right one.
Kate Clements (Parent of Kai, 13)
 I had previously recorded an Ep in a professional recording studio and I realised my chops weren't up to scratch. Dan's patience, attention to detail and attentive approach enabled me to redevelop my technique, helping me to progress leaps and bounds. I cannot recommend Dan enough, his knowledge is extensive and his enthusiasm for the guitar and music is extremely contagious.
Marc Matthews (Engraved Disillusion)
Dan Baker has been teaching my son for 2 years now, and the progress he has made during this time has been incredible. Dan's method of teaching engages his students in a way that makes learning fun, yet constructive. My son cannot wait for his weekly lessons and is eager to practice in order to show Dan what he has learned. A superb tutor.
Darren Shepherd (Parent of Ethan, 14)
Dan has been teaching my son for over four years. He has great enthusiasm for the guitar and has taught Ed the songs he wanted to learn. He teaches a wide range of styles and has great technical ability. Above all the lessons are fun and inspirational.
Helen Livingstone (Parent of Ed, 19)
Dan taught our son for 18mths and had patience and understanding of what our son wanted to learn. Our son looked forward to his weekly lessons and progressed to play and read music by completing the pieces he enjoyed playing. We asked our son if he would like to add a comment and he said, "My lessons with Dan were great fun and very interesting, he always incorporated what I wanted to learn." Dan always communicated well in advance if lessons had to change, for any reason, and was flexible with us if we needed to change dates or times.
Wendy & Julian Woodfield (Parents of Dan, 16)
Dan was adept and professional with his tuition and encompassed a wide range of musical styles and techniques. He was also able to work around my hectic timetable, which gave him an edge over other instructors. Above all Dan is friendly and makes you feel comfortable whatever level you're playing at.
Rhys Buchanan (19)
As a beginner I was really nervous starting guitar, but I found Dans lessons really fun and relaxed. After just the first lesson I could play part of a song, which was really exciting!
Briony-Claire Stirland (24)
After moving to Somerset a couple of years ago I needed to find a new guitar teacher who taught guitar and could also show me how to read music. I was very lucky to find Dan who has taught me how to play more advanced music, thus raising my level of competence immensely over the past 2 years. Being an older person, it sometimes take me longer to take things in, but Dan is always patient and often finds different ways to allow me to achieve my playing goals. I would certainly recommend Dan to anyone who wants to seriously learn to play the guitar as they won't find a better tutor!
David Glanfield (Mature Student)
Dan has been teaching me guitar for approximately one year now and I have no hesitation in recommending him as an excellent tutor. He is very patient and easy to talk to, he also gave me lots of confidence to carry on when I felt I wasn't doing so well. Dan is a brilliant guitarist; both my partner and myself have seen him perform live on stage and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Elaine Glanfield (Mature Student)
My son Toby has been having guitar lessons with Dan for a few years now. He loves them! Dan is so patient with him, finding new and inventive ways to teach him and show him what to do and is always willing to go over things again and again until Toby understands. The balance between playing and written work has been tailored to suit Toby with the majority of theory being taught through learning a new song so that Toby gets maximum playing time! Song choices are usually a joint decision, with both Toby and Dan looking at what will work. Dan is encouraging and enthusiastic and has taken the time to really get to know Toby so that he can help him to develop his skills as a musician.
Jo Smith (Parent of Toby, 11)
After being introduced to Rock & Metal through the computer game, ‘Guitar Hero,’ my son Toby first told me he was interested in playing the electric guitar at the age of 7. I then encouraged him to learn for real. I wanted a teacher who would inspire him to fulfil his potential through teaching him the songs that he loves and after much research found Dan - Toby clicked with him instantly. Dan is encouraging, understanding and patient as well as an awesome guitarist and teacher. Through focusing on playing and enjoyment supported by theory and technique my sons playing ability and progress has amazed me over the past few years. Toby tells me he wants to be a rock star! I couldn't be more satisfied he has the best chance through dedication and tuition with Dan.
Brendon Smith (Parent of Toby, 11)